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    Kit Kat (Peanut Free)-4 pack
    Kit Kat (Peanut Free)-4 packKit Kat (Peanut Free) made of delicious wafer biscuit and covered with chocolate milk but …
    Nestle Favourites- 100 Mini Bars
    Nestle Favourites- 100 Mini BarsBack in the 100 pack....Coffee Crisp, Smarties, Aero, Kit Kat are included in this Mini …
    Kit Kat Chunky (Peanut Free)
    Kit Kat Chunky (Peanut Free)Kit Kat Chunky (Peanut Free) Chocolate bar with milk and crispy wafer but free of …
    Kit Kat Classic
    Kit Kat Classic48 bars per box... (Manufactured in a nut free facility) Kit Kat a 3 layer …
    Macintosh Toffee-bag
    Macintosh Toffee-bagMACKINTOSH’S Toffee Pieces (246 g) are perfect for a treat and great for baking. The …
    Coffee Crisp
    Coffee Crisp48 bars per box (Manufactured in a Peanut/nut Free Facility) Coffee Crisp is a a …
    MacIntosh Toffee
    MacIntosh ToffeeNew PACKAGING...this product is currently only available in bite sized pieces. 24 x 45g Bars …
    Kit Kat Chunky
    Kit Kat ChunkyMade in a nut free plant (24 bars)
    Aero Truffle
    Aero TruffleAero Truffle - rich whole milk chocolate truffle bar. case 15X 120 gm  
    Kit Kat Dark
    Kit Kat DarkKit Kat Dark perfect combination of Dark Chocolate and crisp wafers. Delicious on their own …
    Aero Tiramisu
    Aero Tiramisu

    Aero Tiramisu – 104g

    case of 15

    Aero Regular
    Aero RegularHave you felt the bubbles melt? Yep, they melt in your mouth. Made with rich …
    Smarties (Peanut Free)
    Smarties48 boxes per box (Manufactured in a Peanut/Nut Free Facility) Do you eat the red …
    Kit Kat Cookie Crumble
    Kit Kat Cookie Crumble

    Kit Kat Cookie Crumble -120g

    case of 15

    Big Turk
    Big Turk36 bars per box This delicious combination of jelly and chocolate offers one other pure …
    Aero Tiramisu
    Aero Mousse

    Aero Mouse -104g

    Case of 15

    Mirage Bar
    Mirage Bar36 bars (Manufactured in a Peanut/nut Free Facility) More bubles. Made with bubbly pure milk …
    Kit Kat Chunky Drumstick
    Kit Kat Chunky DrumstickBig Kit Kat bar - box of 15
    After 8 Mint Royale
    After 8 Mint RoyaleAfter Eight is a mint flavoured bar and was brought to market as many enjoyed …
    Aero Mint
    Aero Mint-24 boxMade in a nut free plant (24 bars)
    Kik Kat Tiramisu - case 15
    Kik Kat Tiramisu - case 15New favorite - KiT Kat Tiramisu case 12X170g
    Turtles24 (2) Turtle packages Another tradition in Canada. The turtles are filled with pecans, cashews …
    Kit Kat Caramel
    Kit Kat CaramelBig Kit Kat bar  - box of 15
    Kit Kat Singles Dark
    Kit Kat Singles DarkMade in a nut free plant (24 bars)